Crew’s Ship meets Cruise Ship Karen


I’ve noticed that so much of my writing covers technical aspects of cruise ships and our life on board. This is really because my work is technical by nature, so I find writing about how ships work a little easier than our lives on board – but it doesn’t cover the whole story of what makes cruise ship crew so special!

Thankfully, one of my friends Cruise Ship Karen has been writing FANTASTIC stories about friends and relationships for the crew on cruise ships.

Karen adores cruising and ship-life and has been working and playing on the ocean waves for 13 years, so far… 25 ships and 35 contracts. With 100 countries, 6 continents, over 200 ports, over 400 tours, 6 different jobs, 7 cruise lines, countless friends and unforgettable memories made, she even met her husband on a cruise ship!

She has been writing port guides and stories about life on board. There is one story that every crew member can relate to – My First Ship Friend – which tells the story of how crew not only make the most incredible friends fast but also how they tend to be fleeting friendships.

I will continue sharing Karen’s stories here, and you can find more of her work at Cruise Ship Karen on Facebook.


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