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We have survey submissions that cover 8 different cruise lines!


If you haven’t completed it yet, you can still take part – take the survey to help us get the full picture of crew internet.

So what did we find out?

Firstly, the overwhelming majority of respondents use ship’s internet to stay in touch with friends and family. This wasn’t a surprise, but it does show just how important this service is to crew on board.

It also showed that many crew members use wifi and cell phone service ashore. We’re all familiar with the crowds of crew that ‘good wifi’ can gather, whether in Starbucks or a friendly restaurant. It has become a great opportunity for a business in the ports we visit to stand out and make the most of crew members’ spending – they just need to advertise (and deliver!) great internet!

But what makes wifi ‘good’?

One of the questions the survey asked was if the internet service on board allowed you to do what you need to, most of the time. The responses were quite varied, but many of the respondents disagreed completely. Nobody completely agreed with the question. This shows that while we do have internet service on board, it often isn’t keeping up with the demands of modern web services. These services always work to add or improve features, however, they often require a fast, reliable connection.

Consider a Facebook feed that has more and more video content all the time. A news site that plays video ads beside the content. Internet banking that has additional precautions when it sees you’re in a different location or thinks you’re on a new computer. For most people on land, they barely notice these as their internet service keeps up with it. On a ship, these features take valuable bandwidth and worse – chew through your time or data allowance!

Every respondent was able to use email, and text messaging services such as Whatsapp or iMessage.

However, only 60% said they could consistently make voice calls home using similar services. Worse, only 20% said they could make video calls with friends or family using their internet on board. This shows the clear difference between internet on land, and what crew are offered on their ships. Given how long crew can be away, having this connection with their support at home is incredibly important.

Last, but not least – the details I know you’ve been waiting for!

How does the price of your internet compare to other cruise lines?

The following cruise lines sell time-based packages;

1Royal Caribbean InternationalPrice Per Minute: $0.04
2Azamara Club CruisesPrice Per Minute: $0.08
3Oceania CruisesPrice Per Minute: $0.08
4Celebrity CruisesPrice Per Minute: $0.13

The following cruise lines sell data-based packages:

1P&O Cruises AustraliaPrice Per Megabyte: $0.02
2Disney Cruise LinePrice Per Megabyte: $0.04
3Holland America LinePrice Per Megabyte: $0.06
4Seabourn Cruise LinePrice Per Megabyte: $0.10

As you can see, there is a wide variety of prices for both time-based and data-based internet. Even with one company, the service provided on different ships can vary greatly. For example, only a few of the Royal Caribbean ships have an ‘unlimited’ internet package – at $60 for 3 days. These same ships have great speeds – often enough to stream Netflix even, something no other respondents were able to do.

It is interesting to note that relatively small ships such as with Oceania or Seabourn seem to be more expensive for the crew to use. They also reported that the service provided was less capable than other cruise lines.

Larger ships seemed to perform better, but not always!

Celebrity Cruises was reported to be expensive, yet respondents weren’t very happy with the service offered. This is in contrast with respondents from Royal Caribbean who had cheaper internet, may have access to packages such as the ‘unlimited’ one, yet is the same parent corporation as Celebrity Cruises.

If you don’t see your cruise line here, please take the survey to help us gather more information. Similarly, if you don’t think something is correct or you have a different experience with YOUR cruise line, please take a minute to complete the survey yourself! I’ll keep you posted as responses come in!

I hope this has been useful to you, and I look forward to bringing more comparisons like this in the future. Keep in touch with on Facebook to receive the latest updates – don’t forget to Like and Share to spread the word, and get as many crew members as possible involved!


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