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After leaving Crew’s unattended for a while, I’ve decided to come back!

As well as continuing with bringing the mysteries of the cruise ship operation to light in the posts you’ve become familiar with, I’d like to explore a new direction.

Right now, it’s tough for crew to find out what it’s like working for different cruise lines. Our experience as crew members is affected by so many things including;

  • Pay rates,
  • Duties and workload,
  • Privileges on board,
  • Food!
  • Crew activities and facilities,
  • Itineraries,
  • Management.

It’s tough to try and weigh up all the options, especially when there isn’t one place to find all the information you need.

That’s why today Crew’s starts the first of many surveys so we can gather the facts for you!

If you’re a crew member on cruise ships, please complete this –

Crew Internet Survey

– because if there’s one thing we get frustrated with, it’s expensive, slow internet!

Thank you for sticking with Crew’s, and hopefully, we’ll be giving you lots of reasons to come back soon!


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