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How Ships Work

Where Does Cruise Ship Food Waste Go?

Ships are well-known for having food available around the clock, and plenty of it, and this presents a big waste problem - wasted food.

What Powers a Cruise Ship?

A cruise ship is like a city. Keeping the lights on, running air conditioning and ventilation as well as sail through the water. Where do we get this power?

How do you steer a cruise ship?

Cruise ships are enormous structures! Keeping control of them even with wind, waves and ocean currents is challenging. So how do we steer cruise ships hundreds of meters long?

How Is Cruise Ship Waste Water Treated?

Water for a cruise vessel is a constant balance between what the ship can produce, what those on board use.

Cruise Ship Crew Life

Guests on a cruise ship are always curious about the life of crew members. Crew members curious about what to expect from their first contract on a ship are nervous. From living arrangements, food, pay, time off and the infamous parties - life within crew areas remains a mystery to most of the world.